Tillandsia guenther-nolleri
Tillandsia guenther-nolleri

Tillandsia guenther-nolleri

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Origins: Mexico

Bloom: Large, compound inflorescence with many red bracts and purple flowers.  The structure of this bloom is very ornate

Light: Strong indirect or filtered light

Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to an hour as necessary


This is a really unique species.  The leaves are quite stiff, and while the plant has a semi-open rosette shape, it also appears like it grows caulescently given how the leaves stretch upwards making it a fairly tall plant.  Bloom can reach over 4ft tall, and it's quite a show.  In strong light, produces a nice purple hue in the leaves


Two pups available, each is about 8" tall