About Us

I got my first air plant as a gift in 2013.  I had seen them before in a couple local nurseries, but at the time I don't think my brain fully processed what I was seeing.  Upon acquiring one of my own (Tillandsia aeranthos, if you were curious), it was time to see what these things were all about.  As I started researching them, I was enamored with how unique their growth habits were (and all epiphytes as I would come to learn) and how gorgeous so many of their features were.  One plant became 20, and 20 became 100.  I pretty quickly realized I was going to start having trouble paying my bills if I didn't stop spending all of my money on air plants, so I made a decision; I'm going to become a part of this.  I'm all in on air plants.

I've had the privilege of speaking with and working for some of most talented folks in the trade; people like Pam Koide-Hyatt, Jeffrey Kent, Chris Davis, and Paul Isley.   Their knowledge and experience has guided me and fueled my passion for all things Tillandsia, but what I am most passionate about is educating people about these plants and making them affordable and accessible.  These plants can bring beauty and life to many areas of your house, patio, and yard, but without the proper care they can quickly perish.

At Cuffel Farms, you can expect honest information and pricing, quality products and plants, and unparalleled customer service. I want every customer to feel like they have the confidence and knowledge to care for their plants and enjoy them for years to come.  I want customers to come back because they enjoyed their experience and their plants are doing well, not because they all died and they need more! 


Andy Cuffel - Owner                                      

I grew up in a rural corner of San Diego County.  More often than not you could find me outside building a fort, building bike jumps, or finding some way to create more laundry for my mom.  I was really fortunate growing up that I had supportive parents that encouraged me to try everything.  I feel that is a big reason I ended up being a jack of many trades, master of none.  

After graduating from San Diego State with a degree in Economics and spending 12 years in the non-profit sector, I made a really scary decision, one that is pretty far outside my character; I'm going to follow my passion and I'm going to see where this plant thing goes.  It started as a side gig, selling a few plants a week off Craigslist!

I have a shop dog, Kota, who you will have the pleasure of meeting if you stop by the nursery.  She is a big source of happiness and reminds me to step away from my plants every now and then to go for a walk with her.  I also still play baseball, and I belong to several plant societies around town.  If I'm not doing any of that, I'm out in the wood shop making sawdust.

Plants have been incredible in boosting my mental and emotional health.  I have an innate desire to care for others, and that desire is satisfied by my thousands of beautiful plants! Apart from all of that, I'm just a guy that wants to be joyful and live simply!