Discounts/Community Support

I come from the non-profit world, and that spirit still burns inside me.  I do have to run a business which means I need to make money, but I also want to do what I can to support those that strengthen others and strengthen their communities.  


I am happy to offer a 10% discount to: teachers and school employees, law enforcement and first responders, military and their spouses, full time students, single parents, and anyone else that believes they are working hard to make the world a better place.  Simply use the code TOGETHER at checkout to activate the code (will not combine with other discount offers), and THANK YOU for wanting to leave this place better than you found it. 


Please send me an email if you are seeking donations of plant materials, classes, gift cards, etc. for fundraising purposes.  I give as much as I can, I cannot fill all requests but I will fill as many as I can!