Tillandsia funebris
Tillandsia funebris

Tillandsia funebris

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Origins: Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina

Bloom: Short, small inflorescence that produces tiny yellow flowers with very faint purple flecks 

Ideal for: Outdoors

Light: Strong indirect light or filtered light

Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to 4 hours as necessary. 

Another miniature species that grows in fun little clumps.  It's hard to describe the color in the flower, because it is primarily yellow but it has a purple hue to it, especially as it starts to wilt.  This one produces longer leaves than other miniature varieties like minutiflora and pedicellata, more like lolaicea.  Still equally tiny and equally cute!