Tillandsia Etna (rothii x abdita)
Tillandsia Etna (rothii x abdita)

Tillandsia Etna (rothii x abdita)

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Origins: Pam Koide hybrid

Bloom: Short, capitate inflorescence producing yellow bracts that barely emerge from the scapes.  Foliage turns a bright, vivid red color during bloom.  Produces pale purple flowers

Light: Strong indirect or filtered light

Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to 4 hours as necessary


An absolutely stunning hybrid.  The foliage has a beautifully bright lemon lime color and recurves to form curls.  Pam named the plant after the active volcano in Sicily because the leaves look like lava flow during bloom


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