Tillandsia crocata 'Brandywine'

Tillandsia crocata 'Brandywine'

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Origins: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil

Bloom: Green/grey inflorescence and bracts with deliciously smelling orange/yellow flowers

Ideal for: Outdoors

Light: Adaptable, best in strong indirect light.  

Water: Spray or dunk once a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Soak monthly to rehydrate up to 4 hours as necessary


This is a clumper, and one of the most fragrant tillandsia available.  The fragrance is sweet, often compared to honeysuckle.  Relatively hardy and adaptable, but definitely thrives under the right conditions.  Be careful not to overwater a mature clump as it can retain a lot of moisture.  Prefers strong air flow