Tillandsia ionantha fat boy
Tillandsia ionantha fat boy

Tillandsia ionantha fat boy

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Origins: Unknown origins

Bloom: The leaves will turn deep shades of red and produce purple tubular flowers

Ideal for: Indoors/Outdoors

Light: Indirect or filtered sun, can handle partial direct light

Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Add an extra watering to rehydrate during hotter and drier months


This species hosts the widest variety of any tillandsia.  This is easily the most common and recognizable air plant available as it is adaptable to a whole host of conditions.  Ionanthas produce many offsets each bloom cycle, quickly forming hearty little clumps.  This variety grows much thicker and fatter than other varieties, and doesn't quite grow as long/tall as other ionantha varieties.  I believe it could be a hybrid with concolor as it produces actual floral bracts in bloom which true ionantha does not